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AspDotNet Storefront Review

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AspDotNetStoreFront is a complete and extensible shopping cart solution that allows you to set up an ecommerce platform that can be used by many different store fronts. Despite its rather unimaginative name AspDotNetStoreFront is an excellent solution that provides a great range of features. However, it is definitely designed by techies for techies and so anyone looking for an extremely simple to implement solution should check elsewhere.

AspDotNetStoreFront itself is sold as a complete software package that must be installed on a web host somewhere to work. While people with their own hosting solutions will probably appreciate this, it's not ideal for those looking to get set up quickly. However, through AspDotNetStoreFront's partners it is possible to sign up for a hosting plan where you won't have to install the software yourself. One other thing to note is that, even when you do get the software installed, it only seems to come with one 'skin' to define the design of your store so you might need someone with some technical skills if you plan on implementing your own design.

Once it is up and running AspDotNetStoreFront is very fast and quite easy to use. It certainly isn't as simple as some of the solutions we have looked at, but does provide an almost inexhaustible array of configuration options so you should be able to get things set up just as you want. Adding products and doing the basics, such as processing orders, is very easy though and that will no doubt be where you spend most of your time. The big advantage of a solution such as AspDotNetStoreFront is that you only need to setup your products once to be able to sell them from a range of different stores. Additional stores will incur an additional charge though and it isn't quite as simple as copying and pasting a link to your product as it is with some similar providers.

AspDotNetStoreFront provides lots of features to help you make the most of your online business. An SEO friendly design means that Google and its fellow search engines will be able to rate your site appropriately which should lead to you getting higher up the rankings. Then, once the customers come rolling in, you can easily up-sell and cross-sell items at the checkout to make the most of each sale. Furthermore you can generate coupon codes and send these out with a newsletter to existing customers to try and tempt some back.

AspDotNetStoreFront is a good solution, but really is best suited to people with quite a bit of technical knowledge – let's just say if the phrase 'AspDotNet' doesn't mean anything to you then it's certainly not for you. While this is great for developers, especially as the source code is available at a price, we would recommend non-technical folks to looks elsewhere. There are some excellent ideas in our top ten list!

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