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Storesprite is a fully installable ecommerce solution that you can deploy to a hosting server of your choice at absolutely no cost. You only have to start paying anything if you want to remove the branding that the basic installation puts on your store. Even still, purchasing a key to unlock the software isn't expensive and from then on you can use it wherever you like. There are plenty of features to make use of and even installing it isn't too difficult, although you will need to know a thing or two about hosting servers to do it.

Storesprite is not a hosted solution which means that you will have to have a suitable hosting server to install it to. However, once it's installed there are no ongoing charges to use it. Installing it is the hardest part though and we wouldn't recommend you try it unless you understand what's going on. It's cheap enough to get Storesprite to install it for you and so this is probably the best option for most people. Once installed everything is controlled through the central admin console, which is clearly laid out and very easy to use.

The admin console lets you take care of all the day to day aspects of running your store. Products can be added, orders processed and pricing strategies taken care of. The store lets your customers create accounts as they place an order so that they can track its progress and you can easily manage these accounts from the admin console. You can also group customers together to send out newsletters in order to drum up interest or send out discount vouchers if you have products on special offer.

Your store is built up in a search engine friendly manner, which means it has a good chance of getting high in the search rankings for the right queries. This is the first step to bringing customers in to your new store so is an excellent feature to have. Once the orders start flying in it's useful that Storesprite integrates with over twenty payment gateways so even if you don't feel you made the right choice first time, you can easily change it.

Overall, Storesprite is a great value ecommerce solution if you can get a cheap enough hosting server to run it on. We wouldn't rate it quite as highly in terms of functionality and features as some of the fully hosted solutions we have looked at, but it definitely packs bang for your buck. It's probably best for someone who does have some technical knowledge though so if you are new to the world of web sites and ecommerce we suggest checking out our top ten list to see some of the best and easiest to use solutions we have found.

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