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Hands Down Best Shopping Cart Solution I have tried them all
25 February 2015
Reviewer: Jeff from Fort Wayne, IN, USA

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I've researched and tested all the major carts for over 1-year. They all have their limitations. CS-Cart is unbelievably feature packed and a faction of the price. Its unbelievable value. Similar functions and features among the big guys will cost you a minimum of around $200/mo for the same features included in cs-cart for $195/yr.

Think of your website like a HOUSE. Do you want to "rent" or "buy" ?
CS-Cart is like buying a house. You OWN IT, you OWN YOUR DATA, You Own your core files.

If you buy a house you can renovate it, modify the kitchen/bathroom over time as you need etc.. If you RENT you CANT! Its as simple as that. Another OFTEN overlooked value is that you OWN your DATA unlike going with a hosted solution, where they will sell your data, info, and anything possible. Have a lot of competitors or in a tough industry? Then the last thing you would want is a hosted solution bidding competitors and their SEO/rankings against yourself in order to promote their cause NOT YOURS.

Need to block a country like CHINA from copying all your pictures and posting them on Alibaba or other China sites? Sorry you cant do that with major hosted carts that do not allow you to modify .htaccess files. With CS-cart its easy to block any country!

Worried about SPEED? Yea all carts are a bit slow, but for $15-20/mo you can add www.cloudflare CDN service to your site/domain and get blazing fast loading speeds for about 1/10th the cost of speed increases through hosted solutions + added protection from attacks! Also Cloudflare easily allows you to block various countries from visiting your site! An absolute MUST for anyone in the Fashion or product Manufacturing Business! Do you know there are MILLIONS of people in supply countries that do nothing but search websites for products to copy, search for your customers/stores so they can contact them directly and or go around you or offer the same product your selling directly to them at ½ the price? Again a MUST have solution.

If you run an online store doing a $1,000 - $100M this is your solution hands down! I'm continuously amazed at the functions, ability and ease. Some may complain that the number of add-ons is limited, however when you consider the majority of add-ons are already included you realize the reason the add-on market is slightly smaller than other competitors. The add-ons available on the market are great and unbelievable value.

I'm running a $1M business and I'm also running a small site for my wife's business which only does a few thousand. Hands down CS-cart is the #1 Best solution! For both. Ask yourself what other cart could handle both size companies?

The fact that I'm not paying $500/mo for all the add-ons I require and need!

The CS-Cart support Staff. Amazing/fast service to help assist with any issues. A few of my custom add-ons developed caused a few bugs, they were quick to point out the cause and I was able to contact the dev team to resolve the issue. I wasn't left guessing

Development services via Simtech or others is extremely reasonable. Some may complain about custom dev price but seriously? Have any of you checked what custom development is for other carts? If you have then you would not complain one bit.

I love HOW-TO videos and I wish there were more instructional videos on the features of cs-cart. The ones out there are great I just wish there were more.

In summary, I would recommend CS-Cart to a friend.

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